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27 Jun 2013
Mitsubishi Motors to Enter 2013 Pikes Peak Interna...

Two all-new MiEV Evolution II all-electric racecars to take on legendary race

Colorado Springs, June 26, 2013 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will compete in the 2013 edition of the world-famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb*1 from June 25 to June 30 with the MiEV Evolution II all-electric prototype. With the upgraded MiEV Evolution II, MMC aims for overall first place.

MiEV Evolution II

MMC’s team will consist of two of the new all-electric four-wheel drive (4WD) racecars.

MMC will utilize the data and technical knowhow garnered through its participation in the event in its @earth TECHNOLOGY*2 next-generation advanced technology R&D program for eventual use in future production vehicles.

MMC entered the Pikes Peak competition for the first time last year with the i-MiEV Evolution all-electric prototype, finishing second in the Electric Division. Participation in the event brought a rich harvest in terms of vehicle speed, acceleration and other on-road data, as well as drive battery consumption, motor temperature and other data and knowhow critical to electric vehicle development.

Like last year’s i-MiEV Evolution, the MiEV Evolution II uses parts used in production vehicles combined with a high-capacity battery and high-output motors both specially designed by MMC’s suppliers. Based on experience gained from last year’s race, MMC added S-AWC (Super All-Wheel Control) integrated vehicle dynamics control system to a two-front/two-rear four-motor drivetrain for increased handling and control in the MiEV Evolution II. These, together with a specially-designed body that provides reduced weight and improved aerodynamics, has resulted in a significant improvement in driving dynamics.

One MiEV Evolution II will be driven by two-time Dakar Rally overall champion Hiroshi Masuoka, who piloted the i-MiEV Evolution to second place honors in the Electric Class last year and also act as Captain of the MMC team. The second MiEV Evolution II will be piloted by Greg Tracy, six-time Pikes Peak motorcycle champion.

Drivers- Hiroshi Masuoka (right) and Greg Tracy (left)

In addition, Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMC’s United States subsidiary) is participating as Presenting Sponsor for this year’s race and MMC’s new Outlander – recently awarded Japan’s JNCAP Five Star Award as well as JNCAP First Prize for outstanding safety performance*3 – will be this year’s “Official Safety Vehicle” for the world-famous race.

Outlander and EVO as Safety Vehicles

About the MiEV Evolution II

The MiEV Evolution II is an all-new all-electric racecar designed with data and knowhow gained from last year’s Pikes Peak race, based on parts from production electric vehicles including the i-MiEV. It carries an array of advanced technologies improved from last year’s i-MiEV Evolution packed into a specially-designed lightweight and aerodynamic body, including a high-capacity battery and four high-output electric motors for improved motive performance in addition to a pipe-frame chassis and a carbon cowl for reduced weight and improved aerodynamics.

Superior motive performance, handling, and stability are made possible in the MiEV Evolution II with

  • A low center of gravity due to the battery being installed under the floor
  • A two-front/two-rear four-motor 4WD drivetrain with MMC’s S-AWC integrated vehicle dynamics control system
  • AYC (Active Yaw Control), which optimally controls the yaw moment to generate high cornering capability
  • ASC (Active Stability Control) which improves stability by automatically controlling brake force to one or more wheels and motive power
  • ABS (Anti-lock brake system)
 Length x Width x Height (mm)

4,870 x 1,900 x 1,390





(Made by Meidensha)

4 (2 front, 2 rear)

 Maximum Output (kW)

400 (100kW x 4 motors)

(Made by LEJ)
 Maximum Capacity (kWh)



Specially-designed pipe frame



 Tires (made by Dunlop)


Driver Profiles

Drivers- Masuoka (right) and Tracy (left)

1. Hiroshi Masuoka (Product Strategy Office, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation)

Hiroshi Masuoka began his Dakar Rally campaign in 1987 and became the first Japanese driver to post consecutive overall victories in the event when he won in 2002 and 2003.

Currently Masuoka works at Mitsubishi Motors where his many duties include vehicle development, the training of company test drivers and the running of test drive sessions and other events both in Japan and overseas.

Masuoka had the following to say before the event: “We are able to tackle Pikes Peak a second time thanks to the support of our many partner companies. We were able to come up with a new and improved MiEV Evolution II based on the precious data and knowhow we gained from last year’s race. We welcome Greg Tracy as our teammate. With his wealth of motorsport experience, we will do our all for a one-two finish. Thank you for your continued support!”

2. Greg Tracy (Professional Driver)

Six-time Pikes Peak overall motorcycle champion, Greg placed second overall in motorcycles in 2012. Greg brings a wealth of racing experience not only in motorcycles but four-wheeled vehicles as well and is also a stunt driver. Greg brings high racing skills in four-wheeled vehicles and knows the Pikes Peak course inside and out.

Greg commented “I’m excited to compete here in the MiEV Evolution II. I will do my best, along with my teammates to make an electric vehicle the champ for the first time ever.”


*1: Held annually in Colorado, United States, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is an annual automobile and motorcycle hill climb to the 4,300 meter summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado with entrants covering an elevation difference of almost 1,500 meters. First run in 1916, the hill climb celebrates its 91st running this year making it the second oldest motor sport race in the United States after the Indianapolis 500. Also known as The Race to the Clouds, atmospheric pressure, temperature, weather and other conditions vary significantly between the start and finish and this requires optimum tuning to ensure the vehicles produce their maximum performance all the way up. www.ppihc.com/

*2: MMC’s tagline for a raft of next-generation advanced technologies which aim to contribute to environmental responsibility and to deliver driving pleasure as well as reassuring safety.

*3: http://www.mitsubishi-motors.com/publish/pressrelease_en/corporate/2013/news/detail0879.html

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18 Jun 2013
Mitsubishi Concept G4 Showcase in Malaysia...

First Showcase from 19-23 July 2013 (Wednesday-Sunday) Center Court, Mid Valley Megamall

Mitsubishi Concept G4

Kuala Lumpur, 17 June 2013 – Come with your loved ones as Mitsubishi Motors will bring the Mitsubishi Concept G4 in Malaysia from June – July. The Concept G4 debuts in Mid Valley Megamall from 19-23 June, 2013 (Wednesday-Sunday) followed by these locations:

No. Venue State Location From To
1 Midvalley Megamall Klang Valley Centre Court 19 June 23 June
2 Sunway Carnival Mall Penang Main Entrance 5 Jul 7 Jul
3 Sutera Mall Johor Bahru Centre Court 12 Jul 14 Jul
4 1 Utama Shopping Mall Klang Valley GF Rain Forest 17 Jul 21 Jul

The Concept G4 was recently previewed at the 5th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.

The Concept G4 is a vision for a new compact sedan which Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) plans to roll out globally. The Concept G4 uses a high-clarity brilliant-cut diamond motif in the design of the front grille, headlamps and rear combination lamps to create a frontal visage with a commanding presence and a tail end which leaves a sharp impression as it drives off into the distance.

    The Concept G4 carries next-generation compact sedan styling featuring

  • a short nose which delivers an outstanding forward field of view and superior maneuverability,
  • graceful and flowing side proportions which balances interior space among the most generous in its class with very sleek aerodynamics, and
  • a dynamic character line which kicks up towards the rear.

The Concept G4 achieves fuel efficiency that is among the best in its class as its RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body – the lightest in its class due to the extensive use of high-tensile steel – is powered by a lightweight and compact 1.2-liter MIVEC engine mated to a CVT with sub-geartrain in addition to uncompromising weight reduction throughout.

The Concept G4 delivers driving pleasure thanks to the agile and pleasing driving dynamics stemming from its lighter weight as well as its reassuring handling/stability and comfortable ride. Passenger comfort is enhanced by the high hip point and large door openings which facilitate entry and exit as well as by its generous rear seat leg space.

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s current line-up of vehicles includes the latest Mirage Sports, i-MiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle) and the compact SUV, Mitsubishi ASX.

Be sure to come with your family and friends and be acquainted with the Mitsubishi Concept G4!

For more information, visit www.mitsubishi-motors.com.my or ‘Like’ us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MitsubishiMotorsMalaysia.

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3 Jun 2013
Asian Auto Fuel Efficiency Awards 2012...

Double Joy for Mitsubishi Mirage and Pajero Sport VGT at the Asian Auto Fuel Efficiency Awards 2012

Kuala Lumpur, 3 June 2013 – Winning awards has become a yearly affair for Mitsubishi vehicles. This time around, monthly car magazine Asian Auto has awarded two category wins in its annual Fuel Efficiency awards 2012. The Mitsubishi Mirage and the Pajero Sport VGT both claimed first prize in the Compact City Cars and the Premium SUVs category.

The Mirage launched in November is developed on the concept of ‘compact’, ‘affordability’ and ‘high fuel efficiency’. With focus on fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness, the Mirage is capable of an impressive 21 km per litre of petrol as measured in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC).

CEO of MMM Mr. Tetsuya Oda receiving first prize award for the Mirage
from the Editor of Asian Auto, Mr. Daniel Fernandez

The Pajero Sport VGT also defended its first place title last year in the Premium SUV category. The SUV impressed the judges by being “large, spacious, hardy and equipped with modern diesel engines”. Since coming on the scene in 2009, the seven-seater Pajero Sport – which counts space, ride comfort, robustness, economy and a Dakar Rally heritage as its strengths – has been a serial winner.

CEO of MMM Mr. Tetsuya Oda receiving first prize award for the Pajero Sport VGT
from the Editor of Asian Auto, Mr. Daniel Fernandez

The organizers of the Asian Auto Fuel Efficiency Awards claims that this award is the first for the Malaysian and regional automotive industry and it is the only automotive award that encourages car manufacturers to offer better quality vehicles with the latest engineering and technology that promotes fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

The first prize award

For more information, visit www.mitsubishi-motors.com.my or ‘Like’ us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MitsubishiMotorsMalaysia .

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1 Jun 2013

Free Maintenance Program, Cash Rebates and more

Mitsubishi Super Deals

Kuala Lumpur, 1 June 2013 – Drive away a new Mitsubishi as Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) is offering super deals such as free maintenance program up to 2 years, cash rebates up to RM 10,000 and FREE Mitsubishi genuine accessories for its selected 2012 models! (While stocks last)

From now until 31st August 2013, customers who book and register the compact SUV ASX can choose to enjoy a 2-Year Free maintenance program, cash rebates up to RM 8,000 and free accessories worth RM 1,300 OR Cash Rebates up to RM 10,000 and free accessories worth RM 1,300.

Customers who book the Lancer Sportback can enjoy either 2-Year Free maintenance program plus cash rebates up to RM 1,000 OR cash rebates up to RM 3,000.

Customers who book the newly launched Mirage CVT GL models will be entitled for1-Year Free maintenance program, a FREE Tonneau Cover plus PETRONAS Gift card worth RM 1,000.

In addition, customers who book the Pajero Sport VGT can choose to enjoy 2-Year Free maintenance program, cash rebates up to RM 8000 and free accessories worth RM 1,800 OR cash rebates up to RM 10,000 and free accessories worth RM 1,800.

What’s more, customers who book and register the Triton models- Triton MT will enjoy 2-Year Free maintenance program and cash rebates RM 5,000 OR cash rebates up to RM 7,000. Customers who book the best-in-its-class Triton VGT will enjoy 2-Year Free maintenance program and cash rebates up to RM 6,500 OR cash rebates up to
RM 8,000.

Mitsubishi’s 2-Years free maintenance package offers free maintenance on parts lubricants and labour costs. The program also offers new Mitsubishi owners a hassle-free drive and peace of mind. Some of the free maintenance parts that are included are engine oil, fuel filters, air cleaner, brake fluid, coolant, differential oil and transmission oil (based on the recommended scheduled service).

The Pajero Sport VGT and the Mitsubishi Mirage won first prize in the 2012 Asian Auto Fuel Efficiency Awards Premium SUV and the Compact Cars category respectively while the Mitsubishi ASX won the most fuel efficient compact cross-over in the 2.0-liter Compact SUV category in 2011.

ASX 2012 2012 2-Year FREE Maintenance Program + Cash Rebates up to RM8,000 + Free Accessories worth RM1,230 OR Cash Rebates up to RM10,000 + Free Accessories worth RM1,230
Lancer Sportback 2012 2012 2-Year FREE Maintenance Program + Cash Rebates up to RM1,000 OR Cash Rebates up to RM3,000
Mirage CVT GL 2012 2013 1-Year FREE Maintenance Program + FREE Tonneau Cover + Petronas Gift Card worth RM1,000
Pajero Sport VGT 2012 2012 2-Year FREE Maintenance Program + Cash Rebates up to RM8,000 + Free Accessories worth RM1,772 OR Cash Rebates up to RM10,000 + Free Accessories worth RM1,772
Triton 2.5 MT 2012 2012 2-Year FREE Maintenance Program + Cash Rebates up to RM5,000 OR Cash Rebates up to RM7,000
Triton  VGT 2012 2012 2-Year FREE Maintenance Program + Cash Rebates up to RM6,500 OR Cash Rebates up to RM8,000

Hurry and visit your nearest Mitsubishi showrooms today! For more information on Mitsubishi’s promotion or upcoming Roadshows, visit www.mitsubishi-motors.com.my or ‘Like’ us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MitsubishiMotorsMalaysia .

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