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29 Aug 2012
Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution scores an impressive 2...

Pikes Peak, Colorado, August 29, 2012 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) completed the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) held in Colorado, United States from August 7 to August 12 with two 100% electric-powered entries – the i-MiEV Evolution (specially-built racecar) and the Mitsubishi i (North American version of the i-MiEV).

Getting to the starting line

Hiroshi Masuoka, Team Principal of Mitsubishi Motors and driver of the i-MiEV Evolution, finished second in the Electric Vehicle class with a time of 10:30.850. He was the eighth overall fastest in a field of 170 cars. This was the first time that the Japanese driver and the team competed in the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Masuoka on the way up

Off the start line, Masuoka displayed tremendous pace. The electric vehicle’s instant torque and powerful acceleration meant that Masuoka did not waste much time getting up to speed. He split the first timing beam in 1:56.862. By then, Masuoka had already raced a distance of more than 11 kilometres and had climbed more than 2,500 feet above the starting line.

By the end of the race, Masuoka had tackled 156 corners, raced a distance of 20 kilometres and finished 4,720 feet above where he started.

“I am very happy to finish the race. I want to thank the crew, engineers and the team for putting the car back together. The car felt fantastic and I was able to push the performance to the edge,” said an elated Hiroshi Masuoka. “It is a great finish for the whole team. I am pleased with the result.”

Production Mitsubishi i finishes sixth
His teammate, Beccy Gordon who drove the production i-MiEV also finished the race. Her i-MiEV completed the climb in 15:10.557. She proved that the i-MiEV possessed the capability and performance to climb Pikes Peak, one of the most challenging races in the world.

Beccy finishes

Beccy’s primary objective was to finish the race, which would enable the Mitsubishi’s engineers to gather data. The data will be used to further improve the i-MiEV as well as the research and development of future Mitsubishi EV models.

Chequered flag

Beccy Gordon, the driver of the production Mitsubishi i looked back at the event and said “I am very excited about both cars making it to the top in this very difficult Hill Climb. The Mitsubishi i proved its impressive performance by climbing the steep hills from the start to finish line without any reduction in performance. It was a lot of fun driving this electric vehicle, and it was a great challenge that made me realize the further prospects of electric vehicles in the future.”

Being the only female in her class, Beccy drove a strong race. The i-MiEV performed steadily as both car and driver navigated the snaking road that led up to the peak. It started to rain once Beccy reached 12,760 feet above sea level, a point also known as the ‘Bottomless Pit’.

Fan Fest

“As soon as I got to the Bottomless Pit, it started raining so that was a damper on my time. But the car was perfect all the way up,” said a happy Beccy Gordon. “I had plenty of battery left once I got to the top so I know I could’ve pushed a lot harder. But I am really excited to get to the finish line, especially to see Hiroshi finish with such a great time.”

Thank you for the support

About Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb competition is a time trial event for automobiles and motorcycles held annually at Colorado Springs, Colorado around Independence Day weekend and attracts over 150 competitors every year.

The very first event was held in 1916 and it is the second oldest motorsports event held in the United States following the famed Indianapolis 500.

Pikes Peak is located in the Rocky Mountains just 16 miles west of Colorado Springs. The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a unique time trial competition commencing at an elevation of 9,390 feet, with the race course winding its way around the mountain, all the way up to the finish line located at a sky-high 14,110 foot elevation mark.

The course length of 12.42 miles consists of 156 corners, and with an average climb gradient of 7%, it imposes extraordinarily challenging driving conditions upon the driver while navigating up the mountain.

Additionally, due to the great elevation change from the start line to the finish line (a climb of 4,720 feet), dealing with temperature, air pressure, weather and other atmospheric conditions adds to the unique challenges of this intense competition. Compact in size yet amazingly space efficient and structurally sound, the 2012 North American-spec Mitsubishi i-MiEV 100% electric-powered vehicle is based on a platform that has served tens of thousands of consumers well in markets around the globe.

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14 Aug 2012
Mitsubishi goes on e-Heroes mission to promote EV...


Mitsubishi e-Heroes together with MMM and Petrosains

This one-of-its kind program will see one unit of i-MiEV (Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle) car made available for children to test ride over a period of three months at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, Level 4, Suria KLCC, starting 8 August till 28 October 2012.

The Mitsubishi e-Heroes program aims to promote Electric Vehicle awareness and eco-friendly practices towards a greener earth among young Malaysians.

Children can also take part in some fun and educational activities such as coloring, origami, photo booth, interactive displays, mini science shows and workshops at selected hours. Admission is free and opens from 9.30am-5.30pm on weekdays and 9.30am-6.30pm on weekends (closed every Monday).


CEO of MMM, Mr. Tetsuya Oda and CEO of Petrosains, Tengku Nasariah

“One of Mitsubishi’s most advanced creations is the i-MiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle), a fully electric zero emissions vehicle that makes driving cleaner, safer and more efficient. Mitsubishi e-Heroes encompass all – Electric, Energy, Environment and Earth. This is what this program is essentially about – offering electric car fun rides to children to promote awareness on ways how they can play their part to create an eco-friendlier future.,” said Tetsuya Oda, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia.

“At Mitsubishi Motors, we believe that caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility. We believe our technology and our passion for driving will help us lead the way to a new future for motoring. We believe by making driving cleaner and safer, our children will have the opportunity to enjoy earth’s many wonders. And that’s what drives our Drive@earth corporate philosophy,” added Oda.


Mr. Tetsuya Oda, CEO of MMM helping a e-Hero out with her artwork

Speaking at the launch, Tengku Nasariah, CEO of Petrosains said, “We are truly pleased to collaborate with Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia as we provide the opportunity for society, especially the younger generation, to understand and appreciate the world around us, especially the environment, through engaging and interactive activities, such as this ‘e-Heroes’ initiative .

“This is true to the Petrosains mission, where as a Science Centre, it is our responsibility to stimulate curiosity, develop inquiring minds, and ultimately change lives for the better through influencing the attitudes and thinking pattern of societies, which brings about behavioural change. In an era dominated by Scientific and Technological progress, we need to live responsibly then, to ensure the sustainability of Planet Earth,” she added further.


e-Heroes hitching a ride in the 100% electric car i-MiEV

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is the first fully Electric Vehicle to be registered in Malaysia (October 2011), while the second unit was registered earlier this year.

More about Mitsubishi’s EV
Producing 49 kW of power and 180 Nm of instant torque, the i-MiEV is powered solely by electricity, and can be recharged from a regular home socket. With a top speed of 130 km/h, the four-seater vehicle can run up to 150 kilometres* (93 miles) after charging eight hours at 230 volts. The i-Miev also accelerates strongly and linearly for easy passing. *Measured by NEDC (New European Drive Cycle)

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is based on the gasoline-powered i minicar, but instead of an internal combustion engine, its sole power source is a lithium-ion battery pack powering a permanent magnet electric motor. The 330V battery is located under the floor deck, while the electric motor is housed under the luggage compartment.

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV has now been on the market for more than two years since its launch in Japan in July 2009.

Since its debut in Japan, the i-MiEV has attracted a lot of attention worldwide, making its steady progress in taking the i-MiEV to the world, following its introduction in European markets at the end of 2010 and launch in North America at the end of 2011.

As the second product in its next-generation of EV lineup, MMC (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation) launched a minicar-class commercial electric vehicle MINICAB-MiEV in December 2011.

To date, MMC has produced more than 20,000 units of EV, forming alliances with more than 60 local partners in public and private sectors around the world for such measures as joint testing, educational activities regarding the EVs infrastructure required.

When MMC started delivery of the i-MiEV to corporate, governmental and local authority users in July 2009 in Japan, it was the first auto manufacturer to offer a car that addresses the issues of environmental pollution, global warming and exhaustion of petroleum-based energy supplies.

Sales to private customers in Japan started in April 2010. Since then, MMC has sold more than 6,000 units of i-MiEV and MINICAB-MiEV in Japan and has exported to 45 countries throughout Europe, U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore and other markets.

Mitsubishi Motors’ EV development history began with the MINICAB EV in 1969. The company has continued its research and development, concentrating principally on motors and batteries. In 2006, MMC developed the i-MiEV.

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About Petrosains
Petrosains, The Discovery Centre is a science centre that uses an exciting and interactive approach to tell the story of the science and technology of the petroleum industry. Its concept and contents revolve specifically around the science of petroleum, yet embrace all the general sciences. Petrosains was incorporated to extend PETRONAS’ commitment as a socially responsible corporate citizen to provide a rich and stimulating environment aimed at equipping Malaysians with the right knowledge and skills geared towards meeting the challenges of a new era.

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