Welcome to the first issue of Evolution for 2016! To begin, I wish you good health and prosperity this whole year. I hope everyone celebrated the start of 2016 in good spirits with family and friends.

As you know, the global and local economic environment was challenging throughout 2015. For Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM), we continued to face a challenging business environment as the growth of automotive market slowed down and competitions intensified.

However, despite these challenging circumstances, 2015 was nevertheless an exciting year for MMM with the introduction of the fifth generation Triton pick-up and enhanced ASX compact SUV.

And no matter the circumstances, we do not lose sight of our priority: to put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

As testament to such commitment, MMM was ranked number two for both the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2015 Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) and Customer Service Index (CSI). And we will continue to provide a rewarding and positive customer's experience—from the first initiation of purchase to a satisfying after-sales service.

As for 2016, the recent introduction of the All-New Outlander SUV is an especially meaningful occasion that marks the company's 11th year in the Malaysian market. Thank you to all for your continuous support.

Available only in 4WD, the All-New Mitsubishi Outlander SUV is a Complete Built-Up (CBU) vehicle from Japan and is powered by a 2.4-litre MIVEC engine.

Set to cater to the growing demand in the SUV segment, I am pleased to announce that the Outlander will be offered at an exclusive introductory price of RM 166,720.00 on the road without insurance for booking and registration made before 31 May 2016.

Proven to be a great success around the world, I am proud that the All-New Outlander SUV now completes the SUV line-up, expanding from the ASX compact SUV and Pajero Sport full-size SUV currently on sale in Malaysia.

I am optimistic that the All-New Outlander SUV will win the hearts of many Malaysian car buyers. Competitively priced with stylish outlook, generous 7-seater space, best premium and safety features, the All-New Outlander SUV offers an outstanding SUV for any Malaysian family.

That is why we say the Outlander is here to Outclass, Outsmart, and Outshine.

Lastly, I would like to once again wish all of you and your family the best of health and happiness in 2016. Drive safe!

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia

Yang Won-Chul



It was a scenic evening in Klang Valley. Amid the calm, though, was a heart-pounding event set to take place at Glasshouse, Seputeh.

Resting within its rustic, glassy interior were four very important figures draped in white, waiting to be unveiled to longing eyes later in the evening.

Day turned to dusk. Excited chatter mixed with nervous laughter. It was go o'clock.

So there, at the heart of Glasshouse, gathered the esteemed members of media and local personalities including Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia, August Man Malaysia's Man of the Year 2015 Roen Cian, Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng, Malaysian actress Nabila Huda, front man of Malaysian top indie rock band "Hujan" Noh Hujan, and Malaysian actor Nazim Othman. Claps and cheers followed as the lovely emcee welcomed the CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Mr Yang Won-Chul to begin the ceremony.

"I am optimistic that it will win the hearts of many Malaysian car buyers."

Then, thunderous applause, handshakes, and even a few high- and low-fives ensued as white sheets gave way to the star of the day: The long-awaited All-New Mitsubishi Outlander is here and open for booking!

While the attendees got to get intimate with the Outlander at the event, you can do the same by visiting your nearest authorised Mitsubishi showrooms. With an irresistible introductory price of RM 166,720.00*, there's barely any reason to think twice.

Want to know more? Flip a few pages to drool on the Outlander's features.


*On the road price without insurance, for booking and registration made before 31 May 2016.


"The survey results prove MMM's commitment in providing a rewarding and positive customer experience from the first initiation of purchase to a satisfying after sales service."

– Mr Yang Won-Chul, CEO Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM)

Now in their 13th year, the Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) and Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) are studies by J. D. Power Asia Pacific on how well consumers perceive the services and products they receive from automotive brands.


In this study that ran from February to July 2015, 2,371 new-vehicle owners were asked about their vehicle purchases between August 2014 and May 2015.

In order of importance, factors considered were:

  • Salesperson (19%)
  • Dealer facility (19%)
  • Delivery timing (17%)
  • Deal (16%)
  • Delivery process (16%)
  • Sales initiation (13%)

And of those, MMM scored 787 over 1,000 points over all. Not too shabby, considering the market average is 752 points.


On customer service satisfaction, 2,812 new-vehicle owners were asked about their purchases made between February 2013 and May 2014 and had their due services at authorised centres between August 2014 and May 2015. This study was conducted between February and May 2015.

MMM scored 773 out of 1,000 points based on these factors (in order of importance):

  • Service quality (32%)
  • Service initiation (22%)
  • Vehicle pick-up (18%)
  • Service advisor (15%)
  • Service facility (13%)

As for next year, "We aim to do better and to strive for the highest rank in both SSI and CSI", says our CEO. We'll be looking forward to that, Mr Yang Won-Chul.

For more information on J.D Power Asia Pacific, please visit



After holding our breaths, horses, and whatever else we could've held on for oh-so long, it's finally time to welcome the latest and arguably most long-awaited member of our family. Here are the highlights:

18" Dual-Tone Alloy Wheels

A sturdy, big body needs some handsome, big wheels to go along. For that, the Outlander is outfitted with four 18" dual-tone alloy wheels to make it even more outstanding among its peers.

Versatile 7-seater Leather Seats

Not much else says class like leather does. To match its stylish exterior, the Outlander comes with fashionable leather seats to complete the outstanding look and feel.


Fumbling for keys and keyhole is so yesterday. With the Outlander, a step on the brake and push of a button is all it takes to start your journey.

Electric Tailgate

Often find your hands full? At the touch of a button, the tailgate closes and opens with ease. (Exactly how you're going to manage that with hands full, though, we'll leave to your creative mind.)

Best-In-Class Cargo Space

Now you've got the tailgate situation under control, what about storage space? Be glad to know that the Outlander's boot has 591 L of space, and 1,022 L when the second row of seats is folded down.


On days when you're not showered in Malaysia's tropical rain, the Outlander's electric sunroof lets you enjoy the sun and fresh air once a while - at the push of a button.

Multi-select 4WD System

Take control of how the Outlander drives via its multi-select 4WD dial. 4WD ECO for fuel-efficiency mode, 4WD LOCK to cover high grounds, and 4WD AUTO for your everyday commute.

LED Headlamps with DRLs

Equipped with LED headlamps with Day-Running Lights and washers, the Outlander has eyes that provide the best visibility on the road - for you and fellow road users.

Exclusive introductory prices* of RM166,720.00 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM168,488.40 in East Malaysia for bookings and registrations made by 31 May 2016. Purchase is packaged together with 5-year or 100,000-km warranty, whichever comes first.

*On-the-road prices without insurance. Terms & Conditions apply





Kuala Lumpur, 29 March 2016. In a bid to announce the arrival of the All-New Outlander to our shores - as loudly as possible, we invited 30 members of the media to drive the Outlander with us.

The two-day excursion began at The Club, Saujana Resort. As soon as being flagged off by Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia's CEO Mr Yang Won-Chul, ten Outlanders rolled out, ready to take on the road.

The trip took a short lunch break at The Verte, Port Dickson where the media had the first exchange of their experience in their Outlander units.

Refreshed, the merry troop continued their journey across towns, cities, and highways - totalling 497 km of exciting adventure - before culminating at Hotel Jen, Johor Bahru.

Mr Yang had this to say on the Outlander, "Competitively priced with stylish outlook, generous 7-seater space, best premium and safety features, the All-New Outlander SUV offers an outstanding SUV for any Malaysian family."

If you'd like a piece of that experience, check out the outstanding Outlander, available now at authorised Mitsubishi showrooms nationwide.


What an exciting Chinese New Year to be had. True to the monkey's nature, we enjoyed heaps of fun hopping from house to house and service centres, too!

It all started coming together when we ran a CNY contest with MyFM. As a result, five callers who won celebrated this Chinese New Year with MyFM's DJs and crew, our lion dance performers, and the Monkey King himself!

Not only that, our hopping troop went on to spread the red joy throughout Klang Valley, too! On February 20th, we danced around at Target Orion (Balakong) and Kah Classic Auto. The following week, on the 27th, we continued our celebration at Evatrend (Setapak).

All in all, it was a really great CNY. But the highlight of the celebration? Why, catching the smiles on our fans' faces, of course.


It was an exciting weekend recently for members of the Lancer GT Club. Travelling from KL to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, they grew closer to each other based on one common love: the Lancer.



Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia recently ran a contest called Live Your Triton Adventure. The simple campaign had contestants writing in to tell us how they would spend a weekend with the (then) All-New Triton Adventure VGT. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

By the end of it, we received more than our expected share of exciting, creative entries!

Which made it a really tough call. Especially since there can only be one grand prize winner. After scouring through the entries, however, one particular entry captured our attention and tugged at our hearts.



Dr Narentharen a/l Selvarajah - Dr Naren as he prefers to be called—wrote in with a noble dream: to give back to the society. Specifically, he wanted to drive the Triton Adventure VGT to rural areas to help with basic medical needs.

We were sold. And a game plan set foot.

So then, almost as soon as we announced the winners, we combed through the entire of Malaysia (both online and by asking around) for potential places to visit to make this dream adventure come true.

That's when we found Kampung Orang Asli Sungai Bil, Slim River, Perak.


On 12 March 2016, in TWO Triton Adventure VGTs and one Pajero Sport VGT, pack-loaded with food and medical supplies, we embarked on this adventure.

Upon reaching at about 10 in the morning, we were welcomed by Puan Nora a/p Titoi, a local teacher with a warm heart of gold. We enjoyed a local performance that happened to be a part of the weekend mass before the doctor started setting up to meet the villagers.

As the day turned noon, it was like someone turned up the sun. But the blazing heat wasn't enough to stop Dr Naren from doing what he went to do.

Fuelled by the villagers' eager smiles and friendly chatters, Dr Naren's stamina seemed everlasting, attending to as many villagers as he possibly could.

In the good doctor's own words, "Their smiles are worth a million thanks".

Almost 3 PM, we packed up and bid farewell to the villagers and wished the good doctor an even more adventurous weekend with the Triton Adventure VGT.


After crossing this adventure off his list, Dr Naren is now pursuing the next adventure in his life: being a specialist in sports medicine.

As for the Live Your Triton Adventure contest, he has this to say: "I encourage all to join… Because you'll never know how rewarding the adventure will be."

So, will you be the next to follow in the footsteps of our first round winner? Let's find out.



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