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to the  first  issue of Mitsubishi Evolution, an exclusive eMagazine for our customers. Before you start, I would like to take a couple of minutes to talk about Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia and what we've been up to.

Now as you all know, the Triton is the best-selling model for Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia. Since its launch in 2006, over 56,000 units have been sold nationwide. On the 26th of May 2015, we revealed some exciting news with the launch of the All-New Mitsubishi Triton. Offered in 5 variants, the new generation of the Triton will be priced from RM67,000 to RM108,000, on-the-road price without insurance. I believe our customers will be more than satisfied with its myriad of features and offerings.

Recently, J.D. Power Asia Pacific conducted a study on customer satisfaction with dealer service of various automotive companies. It brings me great pleasure to announce that Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia achieved a remarkably high score and ranked 2nd for customer satisfaction. As we move forward, we will strive to increase our car dealer service to provide our customers with the best aftersales experience possible.

To add to this great news, I would like to mention our latest 10th Anniversary Rewards promotion. If you're thinking of getting a Mitsubishi model (or added another to your collection), now's your chance. With cash rebates of up to RM12,000 and additional cash rebates for current owners, there's truly no better time to own a brand new Mitsubishi.

Before I end this foreword, I would like to welcome you again to Mitsubishi Evolution, our upgrade from a newsletter to a full-fledged e-Magazine, in lieu with the era of digital innovation. I truly believe this move will help to facilitate interaction and provide a more effective way of delivering news to all our fans.

On that note, I would like to wish Happy Malaysia Day to all our Mitsubishi customers. Remember to drive safe and happy reading!

Yours truly,
Yang WonChul


"Today, we are excited with the official launch of the all-new Triton, the fifth generation of the Mitsubishi Motors pick-up line produced." Says Won-Chul Yang, Chief Executive Officer of the Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia.

ith the fifth generation of Mitsubishi's All-New Triton, everything's an adventure. Whether it's your first day at a new job, a drive through the woods or the journey home for the holidays.

With its stunning new aerodynamic design, array of first-in-class features, luxurious comfort, unbridled power and unexpected agility, the All-New Triton redefines the pick-up truck category, making it the perfect sidekick for your everyday adventures.

Fully Imported

The All-New Triton made its grand premier in Malaysia with an astounding launch. Curious to see what happened? Just browse our album to take a look at the glorious photos and relive the action!

Mitsubishi Motors Car Service Ranks Amongst Highest In Malaysia

Vehicle owners in Malaysia are expecting more out of their dealer service experience, and authorised service centres are struggling to keep pace with those rising demands, according to the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2015 Malaysia Customer Service Index (CSI) StudySM released today.

The study, now in its 13th year, measures overall service satisfaction among owners who took their vehicle to an authorised service centre for service maintenance and/or repair work during the first 12 to 24 months of ownership.

The study goes on to evaluate new-vehicle owner satisfaction with the service experience by examining dealership performance in five factors: service quality (32%); service initiation (22%); vehicle pick-up (18%); service advisor (15%); and service facility (13%).

Satisfaction among mass market brands averages 749 index points (on a 1,000-point scale) in 2015, which is a 5-point decline from 2014. Customers are expecting a higher level of service with overall satisfaction averaging 815 among the 12 percent of customers who indicate they had a "better-than-expected" service experience, compared to 842 in 2014. The greatest drop in satisfaction lies in the service facility, where satisfaction has declined to 773 in 2015 from 785 in 2014.

Among the 3 percent of customers who indicate having a "worse than expected" service experience, overall satisfaction has dropped from 590 in 2014 to 558 in 2015.

"Clearly, customer expectations are on the rise; hence it is critical for service centres to provide a positive experience throughout, from service initiation to delivery of the vehicle, while remaining focused on delivering service quality," said Rajaswaran Tharmalingam, country head, Malaysia, J.D. Power Asia Pacific.

The study also demonstrates the importance of satisfying customers to improve loyalty and repeat visits. Among mass market vehicle brand owners who are highly satisfied with their service experience (overall satisfaction scores of 815 and higher), 42 percent say they "definitely would" revisit their service dealer for post-warranty service, compared to 12 percent of those who are highly disappointed (scores of 698 or lower).

  • Overall customer service among the Malaysian national brands within the mass market segment averages 742 points, down 2 point s from 2014
  • Implementation rates for several key service initiation offerings have decreased year over year: offering quick / express service (-7%); inquiring for specific problems (-5%); offering value added service (-4%); and inquiring for additional service requirements (-2%)

Mazda ranks highest in overall service satisfaction among mass market brands, with a score of 774 while Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia comes in at an extremely close second with a score of 773. Lastly, Honda ranks third at 760 in the service initiation and service quality factors.

From the studies shown, it is clearly evident that Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia places a high priority on delivering an impeccable car dealer service experience to all its customers and will continue to do so for years to come.

Meet the beauty behind the beast

Syarifah Balqis

Syarifah Balqis


Hello Syarifah! Thanks for taking the time to meet us today. How's everything going?

Hi! It's not a problem. I'm stoked to be here. I'm doing well, everything's great.


Wow, enthusiastic and chirpy. We're off to a good start. Let's dive right in then. For the benefit of our readers, we've heard that you're an avid hiker and rock climber. What are some of your favourite spots to go hiking?

If you want somewhere close to the city, there's one called Bukit Tabur, which is in Kemensah, Melawati. It's only takes an hour and you have to climb up the rocks to get to the top.

Once you're finally up there, you get to experience the splendours of nature in addition to an active dam. If you go in the wee early hours, you're enfolded by heavy mist and vast foliage. It's quite surreal and absolutely breathtaking. Taking a 180° turn reveals the beautiful city skyline of KLCC and Petronas Twin Tower, making it the best of both worlds.

Another place I like to go camping and hiking is Jerakang Waterfall near Maran, Pahang. It's easily accessible with a 4WD and you can camp directly beside a river and go hiking immediately.
Syarifah Balqis
The main attraction is probably the diverse variety of waterfalls, 20 to be precise! Beginners should tread lightly as the water is quite deep. We could actually go right now!


That sounds like a plan! We'll discuss the specifics after this. For the readers who don't know, you're also the proud owner of a Triton. What has your experience been like? And do you have a favourite feature?

Yes, that's correct. Right now, I'm actually driving a Triton VGT. So far, I'm loving every minute of it! Even though it's a pick-up truck, it's surprisingly fast. I've made countless visits to Pahang and Terengganu effortlessly. It's always fun to watch other cars struggling to keep up.

As for my favourite feature, it would have to be the huge cargo space that the Triton VGT has. It's incredibly useful when I have to travel and transport things with me. When I go camping, I usually just stuff all the BBQ equipment in there with no problems whatsoever.
Syarifah Balqis


For some people, you don't have to go far to find adventure. For others, the adventure starts when they step off a plane. What's your take on adventure? Do you need to travel hundreds of miles before it officially begins?

Personally, I think it's all about perspective. Whether the means of commute is by plane, train or bike, it shouldn't affect the quality of your trip. As trite as it may sound, adventure is really all around you.

Syarifah Balqis


While we're on the topic of adventure, you must have embarked on a few crazy adventures yourself. Where did your last adventure take place and do you have any stories for us?

For me, the best adventure that I've had was actually in Phillipines. It was an 11 days trip and normally, people who travel to the Phillipines are interested in Boracay;you know, for the white sand and the majestic beaches. I wanted to try something totally different, so we went off-the-grid by hiking on Mount Pinatubo, which is now a dormant volcano.

When you reach the top, you can actually see a lake, which is the by-product of the volcanic craters. We were so tired, but it was one of those galvanising moments that pushed us to keep going. The next morning, we travelled to Manila to continue our journey.


You mentioned 'we'. Who did you go with?

I was actually there with my then-boyfriend and now-husband, so it was sort of like a 'dating trip'.


Awww, that's sweet. So the two of you travel the world together and partake in various outdoor activities.

Yeah, I guess you could say we were blessed enough to share similar hobbies. Not many couples have the same privilege.


You're totally right! Okay, last question before we let you go. If you could go anywhere, where would you like to go, and why?

I have so many places in mind! Hmm, if I really had to pick, I would probably go to Papua New Guinea. I think it's one of the most rural places in the world and that makes it the perfect getaway for me. Unfortunately, I've read of some tragic encounters in the past that have deterred me from going… yet. It's bursting with rich culture, languages and just life in general so it's definitely on my bucket list of places to visit in the future.


Thanks again for helping us to kickstart the first issue of Mitsubishi Evolution. Do you have any shout-outs or parting words for eager readers who hope to go on adventures like you one day?

Don't wait. There are literally thousands of places in KL you could go. Hiking, waterfalls, jungle trekking, the list is endless. All you have to do is Google "places to go in Malaysia". You don't necessarily have to go far, especially if you're just starting out, just don't wait.

Syarifah Balqis

Prices stated are OTR without insurance for private registration only (GST inclusive). Promotion valid until 31 August 2015.
*Subject to change without prior notice. Cash rebate value / promotion subjected to model variants. Promotion valid for 2015 make only. Valid stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

ASX Sports Edition
Channel your inner rally racer with the eye-catching Ralliart decal, which you'll find stylishly decorated on both sides.
The Tailgate Protected introduces a sporty element to the overall exterior of the car.
The Scuff Plate keeps your front and rear door sills protected from scratches, rub marks and every day wear and tear.
The ASX is further accentuated with a sleek and stylish Shark Fin Antenna.

When you have a vehicle like the ASX, there are only so many things you can continue to improve on. That's why we didn't set out to make a new car. Instead, we opted to retain the features that you loved while making a few sportier adjustments. The result is a modern classic that's safe on the road and easy on the eyes. Truly a classic, redefined.

Red Peak Adventure

Experience Mitsubishi 4x4s perform amazing feats on a first-of-its-kind obstacle truck in Malaysia

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM), the official distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles embarked on its next Mitsubishi Red Peak Adventure, which saw 4×4 vehicles performing amazing feats on a specially outfitted obstacle truck.

The event featured the all-new Triton pick-up, the Pajero Sport SUV and the ASX Compact SUV being put through their paces on the purpose-built Mitsubishi truck, which hosted a wide range of obstacles including a 45-degree, 25-feet tall "sky" ramp that pointed upwards to the sky. The giant ramp challenged the capabilities of both man and machine while offering a bird's eye view of its surroundings.

Other challenges included the roller ramp test that saw the 4×4 vehicles "drive through" the Red Peak Challenge truck, side traverse, uneven ramp test as well as a the new staircase ramp test.

The Mitsubishi Red Peak Adventure made its debut on 15 August in Malacca and rolled on to Johor Baru later that month:

No City Venue Date Time
1. Malacca Mydin MITC, Outdoor Car Park 15-16 August 10.00am – 8.00pm
2. Johor Bahru Plaza Angsana, Outdoor Car Park 22-23 August 10.00am – 8.00pm
3. Batu Pahat The Store 5-6 September 10.00am – 8.00pm
4. Langkawi Langkawi Parade 25-26 September 10.00am – 8.00pm
5. Terengganu Dataran Syah Bandar 2-3 October 10.00am – 8.00pm
6. Penang Queensbay Mall 17-18 October 10.00am – 8.00pm
7. Sg Petani Amanjaya Mall 14-15 November 10.00am – 8.00pm
8. Taiping Aeon Taiping 28-29 November 10.00am – 8.00pm

Test ride ended at 7.00pm

Admission was free and visitors who made a booking of any Mitsubishi vehicles during the day of the event received a special edition all-new Triton umbrella, while the first 100 who test drove any model received free KFC vouchers (while stock lasted).

Kids who took part in a special sand art competition stood a chance to win a bicycle. There were also lucky draw prizes to be won, with a grand prize of RM 888!

Exterior Design Both model feature Mitsubishi Motor's new "Dynamic Shield" front design concept.
LED Headlights The house LED front position lamps, and LED taillights generate a modern and advanced appearance.
Stylish Skid Plate The underside of the bumper is given skid plate styling, giving expression to the dynamism and stability associated with the SUV genre.
The Wheel The steering wheel uses a quality leather cover and the grip has been redesigned. The wheel boss featured a chrome Mitsubishi Three Diamond logo in the center with piano black and chrome omamentation below it.
Interior Design The new-look Outlander PHEV features a premium interior design creating a high-quality and luxurious space. While Outlander features a high-quality and sporty interior design creating an elegant and composed interior space.

When 85 Mitsubishi Tritons roll up to your door on a Friday, you can bet that the weekend to come will be nothing short of spectacular.

These 85 pickups — including three units of the new Triton — invaded the sandy beaches of Lotus Desaru from June 5 to 7 as a contingent from the Triton Tuners Club Malaysia (TTCM) for its 4th annual general meeting.

With 81 registered members and their families and guests in tow, the Jamboree saw a total of almost 250 revellers for the Raggae themed getaway, which included activities such as tele matches, games, and stage performances by TTCM members and friends.

There was an element of sombreness to the festivities however, in a show of grace and respect the members put together a video tribute to late CEO Tetsuya Oda. Oda-san passed away in December of last year as a result of injuries sustained in a traffic accident where he was knocked down by a one-tonne lorry near Sri Hartamas during an early morning run.

We caught up with some members of TTCM who remember him fondly as a helpful and engaging company chief, indeed the way the rest of the automotive industry of Malaysia does. "He was very supportive and friendly. Before he passed he even promised to give us a Triton to enter the Rainforest Challenge with," said Teo Chook Meng, one of two vice presidents of the club.

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) is a rare breed among manufacturers with a Malaysian presence, lending a hand to most if not all TTCM events through an annual budget set aside in a show of appreciation for supporting their products. In fact, two of the three new Tritons at the Jamboree were supplied by Mitsubishi to aid in logistics and for test drive purposes.

"Without Mitsubishi behind us there is no way we could grow as fast as we did. We're not the best but we're established, and we're strong," added Teo.

And grow they have, when founded by Yusoff Saad with just six members in 2008 no one could have predicted that by the time 2010 rolled around and the committee decided to register with the Registrar of Societies there would be 50 official members.

Of all pickups why are club members so enamoured with the Triton, we had to ask. Teo's fellow vice president Mohammad Rasul bin Dato' Haji Mohammad Redzuan believes its appeal lies in its unique looks and versatile nature.

"Mitsubishi pickups used to be the typical contractor or off road car, but from the precious generation Triton they have become dual purpose. The exterior is not boxy like a typical pickup and the interior is very much like a car," he said.

TTCM is not all fun and games however, community service is also a significant part of the clubs charter, the trio in particular reminiscing on the flood reliefs efforts carried out late last year in Kelantan.

"20 to 30 cars were going down to Kelantan each week. We would meet, plan and whoever was available would just join in. The club also happens to have firefighters, and they are really useful for disaster relief work.

"Our founder, who is the sales manager of EON Automart, set aside space at the showroom for supplies to be donated to affected areas, to the point where customers were probably wondering what was going on. Mitsubishi of course was fully on board," said Teo.

The club has over 30 sponsors, most of whom Teo says are happy to have their names associated with this bunch because of such munificent activities.

"Sometimes they want to help but they can't physically be present, so we help them transport donated items. Think of us as the messengers."

The Triton Tuners Club defies the norm of automotive communities, people usually start looking around at club membership after they've bought a particular car but for TTCM, the sense of wanting to belong to such a tight-knit and friendly group of owners seems to spur others into buying Tritons.

"The club is very close, no matter age, race, or occupation. We are friends, and we are also family," said Teo.

Dealer Activities


On June 13th, 2015, JM Auto Gallery Sdn Bhd celebrated their 1st year anniversary at JMAG 3S Centre in Georgetown. The turnout on the day itself was well-received, with additional support from MMM and JMAG personnel.

MAG joined MMM in 2006 and together, the pair cultivated a successful and healthy relationship of 9 years; with 4 outlets under their roof. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of JMAG Georgetown. As part of this joyous occasion, they decided to organise a commemorative activity via participation in corporate social responsibility (CSR) by donating MYR 5,000 each to Sri Cahaya Orphanage House and Rumah Orang Tua Jubli Perak.

Together with the launch of the All-New Triton, JMAG's 1st 5 customers were also presented with exclusive Ralliart items.


In line with the spirit of giving during the holy month of Ramadhan, JM Auto Gallery (Alor Star) Sdn Bhd (JMAS) hosted its annual 'Buka Puasa' event with the less fortunate.

Held at JMAS 3S Centre, Alor Star on the 10th of July, 2015, there were approximately 200 attendees (including MMM and JMAG personnel.) The beneficiaries, which included 135 orphans, single mums and disabled children were treated to a sumptuous spread of traditional Malay delicacies. The children and single mums also received an additional goodie bag and 'duit raya'.

In attendance to distribute the 'duit raya' and raya goodies were William Yeoh, Managing Director of JM Auto Gallery (Alor Star) Sdn Bhd and Arba Abd Rahman, Senior Vice President of Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia.

Dealer Activities
Running For A Good Cause

Kuching, 22 June 2015


he Spring's Live Active Run is the largest community event in Sarawak and MMM is one of its proud sponsors since 2012. The event was recognised as "The Most Popular Lifestyle Fitness Event in Sarawak in 2013" and was part of the "Visit Sarawak Year 2014". This year, the event attracted more than 4,600 participants.

MMM ran for the third year with efforts to raise funds for three charitable organisations, namely the Kuching Autistic Association (KAA), Special Olympics Sarawak and Persatuan Dialisis Cahaya Kuching.

The run was led by Chief Executive Officer of MMM Mr. Won-Chul Yang; including members from Mitsubishi authorised dealers EON Auto Mart and Jimisar Autotrade, Kuching.

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